Unseal / Unseam

Unseal / Unseam

CalArts Festival Theater

An electroacoustic opera adapted from Bluebeard’s Castle (composer Béla Bartók), performed by soprano and sound artist Micaela Tobin. In an attempt to break a vicious cycle, a young woman returns to her physically abusive partner and they confront the darkest pieces of themselves. The woman’s psychological purgatory is physicalized through a combination of immersive object performance, multimedia sound installation and live improvised music.

Performance Duration:
1 hour

£10, £8 (concession)


Trend FEM
“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Unseal Unseam is a political piece of art about domestic violence utilizing a kaleidoscope of artistic skills, sound techniques and philosophy to bounce onto. It's worth making a loud noise about. "”