Into The Fog

Into The Fog

CalArts Festival Theatre

Inspired by the Russian folktale Hedgehog in the Fog, Into the Fog is about a small community that reunites once every millennium to tell a story. They don’t know what the story will be, but they have their books to show them the way. They will try to illuminate the words on the page as best they know how.

Profoundly moving and totally absorbing – FIVE STARS

Three Weeks, August 2012


Don’t Mist This - FOUR STARS

“ Beautiful, emotive and atmospheric piece”

Broadway Baby

£8 / £5 (concessions)

Don't Mist This - 4 STARS - Broadway Baby
“Inspired by Russian the folktale Hedgehog in the Fog this new piece of physical theatre tells the story of a small community who meets once every millennium, where they discover books they have never seen before and act out the tales contained within.
The structure of multiple smaller plays within one show works well and is highly engaging. Each new tale has a contrasting pace and emotion, using different choreographic styles from one scene to the next, and making the piece particularly interesting to watch. The choreography itself is quite marvelous, capturing a vast array of human emotions and sending chills down my spine on more than one occasion. The demanding movement requires a talented cast, and this cast is outstanding. They displayed unwaveringly high levels of energy, focus and intensity moving fluidly from one story to the next, never dropping focus or showing signs of fatigue.

Creating distinct atmospheres for each story was well achieved through directional choices, with the use of soundscaping, thoughtfully-designed lighting and well-chosen music. The culmination of all these efforts contributed to a hugely effective overall production.

One minor criticism would be that the final section of the piece lingers in a similar pace. Structural rhythm changes are used so effectively at the beginning, the piece would do well to maintain this throughout. But, overall this is a great piece of theatre with all aspects coming together to create a beautiful, emotive and atmospheric piece that will leave you wanting more.
"totally absorbing" - 5 STARS - Three Weeks
“As you take to your seat at Venue 13, the stage is set with discarded objects – battered suitcases, old wooden chairs, numerous books and five people glued to the spot; It’s like someone’s pressed pause on their action. The stage descends into darkness and as light re-emerges, this small community move, ever so slowly, downstage. There is sorrow, uncertainty, hope in their eyes but what’s their story? That’s where the books come in. As they gather to share these tales, there are no words, only sights and sounds. Close your eyes and it’s cinematic – open them again and poetry reveals itself in the choreography of the bodies on stage. Profoundly moving and totally absorbing, and a novel way to spend your evening.

Venue 13, 4-18 Aug, 7.00pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Lucinda Al-Zoghbi]"”