Diary of a Madman

Diary of a Madman

Living Pictures present Diary of a Madman

1830s Russia. Poprishchin is in his 40’s – a low ranking civil servant for the Government, struggling to make his mark on life, but one day he makes an amazing discovery. Could he really be the next King of Spain?

Driven insane by government bureaucracy and hierarchy, Gogol’s dark comedy exposes one man’s reality spiralling deeper into a surreal fantasy world.

Considered by many to be Gogol’s best work, Diary of a Madman, is set in St Petersberg, among the petty repressed Tsarist Russia.

Directed by Sinead Rushe (Olivier Award nominee) this one man show, performed by Robert Bowman (Sherman Cymru, Bristol Old Vic, RSC) is a timeless piece that explores the human condition when it comes face to face with it’s own mortality.

‘Robert Bowman’s portrayal of the eponymous narrator of Gogol’s story stood out. Here was acting of raw power and intensity that will long live on in my memory’

Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive Arts Council Wales,
in his 2011 review for the Western Mail


‘While it may now be almost 200 years old, the story will resonate with so many, remains timeless … gripping stuff’

Karen Price, Western Mail


Performance Duration:
75 Mins

£8 / £6 (concessions)

Three Weeks Edinburgh
“This darkly comic one-man piece is based on a nineteenth-century Russian short story studying social status and insanity. Robert Bowman’s Poprishchin is reminiscent of Varys from ‘Game Of Thrones’, his deluded sliminess making you unsure whether to feel repulsion or pity. Lingering on uncomfortable moments with masterful intensity, he’s unafraid to look you in the eye – I’m almost certain one scathing line about theatre critics was aimed directly at me! I only wish his performance had been trusted to carry itself without the musical interruptions which, though often effective, became distractingly frequent. This may be best enjoyed by those with an interest in pre-Revolutionary Russia or Nikolai Gogol’s work, however, those hungry to be confronted with an excellently curious character will also be captivated.

Rating: 4/5